Comfort and Convenience

One Stop Facility

In our attempt to provide better quality health care services and products, we also focus our attention to your time. Having most of what you need with us saves you the time that's better put towards healing and resting.


Variety of Fashion Choices

We carry a broad range of choices at our store and warehouse to make your visit to us worth the trip. From various types of compression wear to shoe style and function choices. We have a catalog full of items to choose from.


Thorough Foot Specialist

Experience goes a long way. There are foot conditions that are time sensitive such that early detection becomes really important. We are fortunate to have experienced chiropodists and orthotic specialists that are aware of a whole lot more than what's on the surface.


3D Laser Foot Imaging

To carry out diagnostic and treatment processes expediently, we use technology for speed and precision. For instance, we'd like to get your exact foot contours before orthotic modification right at the start.

Special Comments

The best Orthopedic we have ever worn. It’s an amazing work. We are going to order the second pair. If you are thinking about ordering from this service, stop it and just do it now. It will change your life.”

Peter M.