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After Care | Orthotech Plus

After Care

We patiently listen to all of your concerns as we try to earn your trust knowing it is key to successfully figure out what needs to be done for you.

As we tailor a treatment plan to match your condition, we take into consideration your lifestyle and living situation. The objective is to empower you with knowledge about the nature of your foot disorder and make you aware of the path to improvement, it's risks and alternative possibilities to speed up and stabilize your situation.

We are committed to providing the highest level of care. After a little more than 3 decades, we believe we've been meeting that challenge consistently.

What People Say

Orthopedic Footcare was highly recommended by my friends in the sports medicine circle. Very good. OF did not disappoint.

Gerry M.
Retired Athlete

After my skiing accident, they got me from crutches, to walking boots, to braces and back to my casual shoes. I can't thank Barbara enough.

Catherine C.
Manager - Bank

Awesome staff!! My doctor referred me to them to help figure out my foot & back pain. Frank quickly saw an irregular gait in my walk as the cause.


Thanks for the consistent support and care, guys. Everyone in your entire staff are so helpful...I couldn't ask for more.

Frank D.

Special Comments

Thank you for your treatment and service. It's been 6 months since my accident and I could not do simple things around the house. But now, I am so happy that my back and foot pain are gone.

Mary V.