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Terms | Orthotech Plus

Terms and Conditions

The Chiropodist and orthotics fees are not covered by OHIP but are covered by most extended health care plans (Green Sheild, Great West Life, Sun Life, OTIP, etc.). The patient is fully responsible for all payments to the clinic in full and are due and payable at the end of the Chiropodist assessment.

The orthotic prescription is the responsibility of the clinic and is either sent to the insurance company or completed for the patient once the orthotic is paid for in full. We do not hand out orthotic prescriptions for unpaid orthotics even if a Chiropodist assessment is performed.

The Chiropodist assessment is an examinatin to determine if there is a "medical necessity" for the orthotic device and to arrive at a diagnosis to best prescribe the ideal orthotics for your medical needs.

Orthotics are custom made for only your feet and require a custom cast/scan of both feet. Since these are custom made, they cannot be returned and are non-refundable. Once the scan is made of the feet, they are sent directly to the Lab and are immediately in progress.

Orthotics may take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to be completed as a complex 8-step Lab process is involved. Once we receive them back from the Lab, we will call you for your fitting/dispension of the orthotics.

Special Comments

I bought two pairs of orthopedic shoes as advised for my neuroma.