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Feet are often the most neglected and overlooked part of our anatomy. With no spare parts, we have to really care for them daily and routinely. As bi-pedal creatures of habit, almost everything we do always requires us to walk or stand or run for periods (often long periods) at a time. With a foot imbalance that goes unchecked for years, this can result in not only debilitating and nagging foot pain, but also leg, knee, hip, and lower back pain? Why? Well, the feet are “connected” to our lower body parts and the rest of our skeletal system and as the old song goes, “ the foot bone connects to the…”.

To address and correct your foot fault see your physician first

Neglected feet can result in acute and chronic pain and potentially debilitating arthritic conditions that could have been avoided if only we took the time to have our feet examined on a yearly basis. Much like preventative tooth and gum disease, feet should be proactively examined by everyone and especially if their symptoms and aches and pains are made worse by long hours on their feet.

The best way to address and correct your foot fault is by first booking an appointment to see your phyisian, then have them refer to their certified Chiropodist for a foot examination, and then, if it is medically determined to be a “medical necessity” to prescribe a foot appliance for yourself, a “Foot Orthotic” may be prescribed.

What to Bring

New patients are encouraged to fillup our Patient Registration form to skip having to fill it out in our office. Bring your insurance card(s), driver’s license or photo ID, required co-pay and any recent tests, labs, scans or x-rays that may pertain to your issue.

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