Orthopedic Shoes

There are two classifications of orthopedic footwear: a pre-fabricated footwear (which are mass-produced and typically already in-stock) or a custom-made orthopedic footwear (used for serious and complex cases not accommodated by existing pre-fabricated solutions). A custom-made footwear requires a 3D cast of the patient's foot. It is prescribed for extreme foot shape/size, foot deformities, severe limb discrepancy, biomechanical deficiencies or to accommodate vulnerable (at risk) feet.

Pre-fabricated orthopedic footwear are mass-produced and, therefore, not designed for an individual patient. However, they incorporate features that are applicable to specific medical needs. They are available in a range of lengths, widths, styles and materials but are not typically available at mainstream footwear stores.

We prescribe pre-fabricated orthopedic footwear in majority of patient cases. We often recommend premium pre-fabricated orthopedic footwear.

Premium orthopedic footwear are biomechanically refined to bring comfort, therapy and a sense of style. They are manufactured according to strict medical regulations. In addition, they should be officially classified by Health Canada as a medical device designed specifically for those with medical foot deformities and/or complications.

Dr. Comfort and Anodyne are two of the top globally-recognized premium brands we prescribe. We know that Dr. Comfort and Anodyne surpasses protocol to qualify for orthopedic footwear in Canada.

These orthopedic shoes are modifiable; wherein practioners like us who dispense the footwear are trained to modify the shoe to satisfactorily address a medical concern based on our diagnosis.

Below are SIMS Medical Corp findings on these orthopedic shoes based on the Pedorthic Association of Canada's (PAC) position statement on custom-made, therapeutic and orthopedic shoes and sandals:

Twelve Important Criteria for a shoe to be truly orthopedic

Criteria (PAC)Feature Anodyne Dr. Comfort
Has removable sock liner/insert Heat-mouldable Plastazone/EVA & gel insert Heat-mouldable Plastazone/EVA insert
Accommodates toe shape and widths that allow for the proper fitting of both broad and narrow feet Medium, wide & extra-wide Narrow, medium, wide & extra-wide
Has high, broad toe shape that accommodates normal or deformed foot Both brands have all styles with toe box height over 1"; generous width some styles incorporate lycra for added width and depth
Has adjustable closures to secure foot position inside the shoe All styles have large adjustable closures or laces All styles have large true Velcro® closures or laces
Has broad sole of adequate density to provide foundation for prescribed devices Unique last designed to ensure a full forefoot and stable heel & shank (thermoplastic) Unique last designed to ensure a full forefoot and stable heel & shank
Easily modifiable upper and sole materials Upper is made of high quality calfskin leather making it easy to modify; soles are easily modifiable Upper is made of high quality Argentinian calfskin leather making it easy to modify; soles are easily modifiable
Upper material is breathable mouldable and durable Full grain leather uppers. Incorporates mesh, spandex, or elastic for added breathability Full grain leather uppers. Incorporates Lycra® for added breathability
Has smooth protective lining Leather and/or microfibre quarter linings Leather quarter linings
Sole design with sufficient toe spring to allow normal propulsion Rocker sole (heel to toe) Rocker sole (heel to toe)
Has sufficient torsional stability along medial longitudinal arch Thermoplastic shanks Thermoplastic shanks
Heel stability via form or extended heel counter Extended AND firm plastic heel counters for both brands
Minimum of 0.5cm (3/16") for women's or 0.8cm (5/16") for men's additional depth in the last Both brands have all shoe styles offering 1.15cm (7/16") additional depth in the last (many of the "X" styles offer 11/16" added depth)
Sole tread graded to suit the upper width Depth of tread grooves range from 3 to 5mm on both brands

Special Comments

The best Orthopedic we have ever worn. It’s an amazing work. We are going to order the second pair. If you are thinking about ordering from this service, stop it and just do it now. It will change your life.”

Peter M.