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Unique Features of Orthopedics | Orthotech Plus

Unique Features of Orthopedics

When it comes to judging the performance and durability of a successful orthopedic device, the judgment should come from analyzing the orthopedic design and the manufacturing technique used in the fabrication of the device, orthopedic shoes.

Attention needs to be paid to each component of orthotics such as:

  • The heel cup
  • The shoe type
  • The top covers used

The Heel Cup

If the heel cup is shallow, it is because it is aimed to avoid the spread of the heel counter which would cause the patient’s heel to come out of the shoe whenever they walk. Medium heel cups work for most patients that do not require special shoe types. Deep cups are useful for overprotected feet (when the foot rolls inwards and the arch of the foot flattens – more commonly referred to as having flat feet), because they offer extra support through the arch. People with insensate feet (lacking sense/numb feet) would require orthotics with wider shells to accommodate their feet and prevent any potential rubbing on the orthotic margins.

Top Cover

The choice of a top-cover is a decision that can affect the overall comfort of your orthotic. A full top-cover can create a uniform orthotic surface from heel to toes which will limit the orthotic sliding around in the shoe. However, in the case that the top-cover is too crowded for the shoe, choose a met head length which can be used in all kinds of footwear.

Arch Support

An ideal shoe would be one that has good arch support. This added cushioning under your arches will prevent them from hurting, since the ligaments will be properly supported.

Shock Absorption

Any shock to your foot can cause some discomfort and pain. This might explain why you might find yourself in a lot of pain the day after running, especially if you’ve overexerted your foot in shoes that are not designed to absorb shock. Having shock absorption will prevent and/or minimize that pain.

Motion Control

Orthotics will likely be a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes that won’t cause your foot to move in the wrong motion or too much. Motion control corrects the issue of overpronation or supination (the outward roll of the foot when your foot is in motion).

Comfort and Support

You will want to choose orthotics that are specifically designed for comfort and support, and this can be done by visiting a professional like SBK Shoes and Orthotics, who will help you find the perfect pair of orthotics suited to your individual needs.

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  • by Mary V.29 May 2019 6:44 pm

    Thank you for your treatment and service. It's been 6 months since my accident and I could not do simple things around the house. But now, I am so happy that my back and foot pain are gone.

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